Darian I
Best massage I’ve ever had! I highly recommend going to Laura at Mother Earth Massage. Not only is she great at massaging, she is incredibly knowledgeable with what she is doing and explains it well. It truly felt like she cared about me and she was very easy to talk to and the overall experience was very comfortable, she is also affordable for what she does!
Relaxed! Another relaxing massage! Thank you!
Elisha L
Prenatal message Very happy with Laura. Felt wonderful and she is so knowledgeable about the body!!!
Lindsey B
Great massage She was knowledgeable about pregnancy and the different anatomical issues woman can have with pregnancy. Will go back again:)
laura m
Wonderful experience! Her massage has really helped my back pain as well as my stress levels.A great experience.
Cheri G
Very peaceful atmosphere Would love to have Laura's great massage every day!!!
Carol C
Best massage She's the best!! Been going to Laura for years, wouldnt go anywhere else
Hollie C
Laura is just the best Laura gives her whole heart and soul into healing your body. She is all in and you benefit from her commitment in this regard. She is welcoming and encouraging and seeks to understand what has gone on in your life, the bigger picture not just treating symptoms of something. Give her a try!
Katie S
So Wonderful Mother Earth was recommended by a friend & I am SO happy I went there. First off, she took the time to ask me questions & get to know my medical history before we began. & the massage was amazing! Its the first one Ive ever had where I wasn't in pain, nor sore after. It was relaxing yet invigorating. She also recommended some supplements which have worked wonders. I cant wait to go back!
Katie W
Wonderful!! Laura is so kind and very helpful. She is truly interested in healing your body, mind, and spirit. And the massage felt wonderful, best massage I’ve ever had!
DeAnn G
Massage Abdominal
Natasha P
Excellent Massage Laura is an incredibly insightful and experienced massage therapist with a tremendous knowledge base; her massages are exceptional. I always come away feeling deeply relaxed and benefited physically, mentally, and even spiritually! I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage!
Pam H
Awesome Experience Not only was it an awesome experience I left feeling so relaxed and really grounded, I can't wait to go back!
Trish T
Excellant Service This was my first visit to Mother Earth Massage and the experience was awesome. I learned a lot in the 90 minute session and will return again. I'm telling all my friends and co workers too.
Allicen H
Baby Time! Laura is amazing. I was scheduled for an induction at 40weeks +2 days pregnant. Laura took the time to get me in the afternoon before the induction, for a prenatal acupressure massage. I went into labor naturally within 12 hours. I was having pretty consistent contractions within a couple hours of leaving her. By 4am I was in the hospital in active labor (3 hours prior to my scheduled induction) and by 10am I had my healthy, beautiful, fully developed baby boy! I was so thankful to her!!
Michelle K
Awesome Experience Laura is so knowledgeable and so wonderful. I left there not only feeling better but also gained some insightful information on how to better care for my body.
Sonja B
Mrs Excellent massage; helped My sore neck muscles
Morgan P
Amazing I love every massage I get here. Absolutely the best and always learn something new.
Jennifer E
Full body massage Best massage I have ever had! Laura is so knowledgeable and has the unique ability to share knowledge without any judgement. Her services are fabulous and I look forward to coming back!
Janell C
Awesome experience I was nervous when I first went in but she immediately made me feel comfortable. I learned more about my body and pregnancy then I ever knew! Great experience!
Rene B
Really awesome! Laura is the best! Always gives good advice on a lot of things. Totally recommend her!
Shila J
Wonderful Experience I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage. Laura is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. She went out of her way to help me with my specific needs and gave me great resources to take home.
Taylor V
Amazing Laura is not only a wonderful masseuse but she has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and pregnancy. She made me feel welcome and relaxed with her kind disposition and provided me with some great tips on relieving some of my pregnancy aches and pains. I will be seeing her again very soon!
Jessica S
Chiropractor Laura was wonderful! I can't say enough great things about the massage I received. It was relaxing, and definitely therapeutic. Laura is very thorough and after talking with her about my newborn, and how fussy she had been, she recommended trying the chiropractor, Roger Sirek at Chiropractic Health Associates. I decided to take my baby, and there has been such an improvement in my baby's fussiness. She is much more calm, nursing well, and sleeping 6 to 8 hours every night. I'm so thankful Laura recommend Roger!
Sarah T
Excellent massage Excellent massage
Cookie A
Excellent! Very knowledgeable! I am very pleased with the treatments Laura provides. She is thorough, professional, willing to guide me for follow up exercises, generous & funny... I highly recommend Laura & her care. Not just a massage therapist, but a true care-giver.
Morgan P
Great Experience I absolutely love the information I get every time I go to get my massages. The massages are fabulous. The atmosphere is super relaxing as well.
Great massage Laura have a great massage and provided a ton of good information related to pregnancy! Only small complaint was that my 1.5 hr massage was more like 1 hr 15mins of hands on time... minor complaint compared to quality of experience! Would definitely recommend!
Jessica S
Great Massage I was very happy with my massage. Laura is very thorough and friendly. Will definitely be back!
Rylee V
PHENOMENAL I feel like all I do is research about birth and I felt like this massage not only was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had but it was the most informative. I will be going back regularly to see Laura! It’s funny I usually hate when I’m getting a massage and someone is talking to me but with her she was teaching me things and I truly Enjoyed it! I will be recommending her to every pregnant mama I know.
massage helped with arm movement
Sarah H
Great experience I came in after a stressful week and my massage helped so much. I left with decreased tension in my neck and shoulders and felt more energized. Now 37 weeks pregnant, my lower back and hip pain has been very intense and I have found some great relief with the prenatal massage.
June L
Highly recommend My massage exceeded my highest expectation. Laura is extremely knowledgeable
Cynthia G
Infant massage class Got together with a few mom friends and their adorable babies to take a class from Laura. She had the room warm and cozy for the babies and was very informative in demonstrating and explaining how to give our babies a massage. The long and short form handouts she provided were very helpful to do it again at home. It was great! Would recommend to any Mom
Kind, Caring, Professional Besides having great technique and knowledge as a massage therapist, Laura is a kind person who cares about her clients health and well being.
Kaitlin T
Laura is amazing! I am 38 weeks pregnant and had an amazing prenatal massage from Laura. She is so knowledgeable and makes every effort to make you feel comfortable. Can't wait to go again!
Sara R
Laura knows her stuff! I had a wonderful experience with Mother Earth massage. Laura is not only a very experienced massage therapist, but is also very knowledgeable about the body and what it needs. I learned a lot of helpful information from her throughout my visit and felt like I got more than just a massage out of the whole process. She really helped relieve tension from the problems areas I have and made me feel very relaxed and safe. I highly recommend Laura and her business!
Maya abdominal massage Laura was great! She helped teach me a self abdominal massage and also did more massage on the rest of my body. Very relaxing and comfortable. Praying it helps with fertility! She seems very knowledgeable and well educated. Will definitely go back to her again.
Steven B
Nirvana Mother Earth is not just a name. It’s a person and a place. Laura is the person and her space is the place.
Cynthia G
Pre-labor massage I had one of my prenatal massages and was close to my due date, Laura did a great job as usual and also incorporated some accupressure to help labor initiate, I went into labor just 3 hours later! I have enjoyed all her expertise and massages, she made me feel capable and confident that I coukd give birth. This is my first baby. I highly recommend her to any pregnant woman.. any woman!
Prenatal massage This was my first prenatal massage with Laura and it was great! I am close to my due date and she helped me with some techniques for getting labor started and also discussed the laboring process. I appreciated her perspective and her sharing some of the training she has been through which offered a different perspective on the birthing process. I would definitely recommend her to others. Thank you!
Rene B
Really awesome! Enjoyed the massage. Very very relaxing. Laura does very well at knowing how to alleviate all my aches and pains. So pleased that I got the 6 pack!
Laura M
Really wonderful experience A Great massage experience. Laura Has really helped my back pain so much! Thanks for so much help
Emily D
Wished I went sooner! I had my first prenatal massage at 38 weeks and I wish I went sooner! It was very relaxing, comfortable and very informative!
Laura M
Wonderful experience Laura really seems knowledgable about the body and massage. My back pain was far kess after her massage. Would recommend her.
Jill J
Wonderful Prenatal Massage At 28 weeks I went in with aching ribs and back pains. Laura was wonderful and the best part is she gave me tips for things I could do at home on my own to help. I already rescheduled another appointment!
Yummmm Such gifted touch with many added options like hot stones, essential oils, Reiki, etc. Always a new experience, always feel renewed.
Christal D
Monthly massage By seeing Laura on a regular basis I keep my body feeling good! Without it, being a hairdresser is painful so I take care of myself through Massage!
Massage Massage was great
Connie C
Review Mother Earth Massage
Regular Massage I went to Laura for Maya Abdominal Massage in the past. This time, I just thought of trying the regular massage from her. She has a healing touch. My experience was amazing. I would definitely go again. Thank you so much Laura.
Very caring and relaxing A very relaxing experience from the minute I enter the building to when I leave!
Emily R
Wonderful! New in town, I needed to find a massage therapist. During my search I found Mother Earth Massage emphasized chakras and energy, so I was instantly drawn to them over the others I had found. I am so happy I went to Laura. She takes great care of me and is a wonderful person. I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage to everyone.
Hogan S
Massage Very professional and caring.
Cara M
Magical! I love seeing Laura for Arvigo abdominal massage. She is knowledgeable, playful, fun, and amazing at what she does. I would recommend her for any service she offers. I always leave feeling nurtured, loved, and informed. Arvigo abdominal massage has helped me dramatically and improved my life. It has supported my reproductive health, reduced discomfort during my monthly cycle, and changed the entire nature of my cycle. I’d recommend it to every woman!
Sherry D
Laura really knows her craft! What a pleasure learning more about how my body functions while getting a great massage!
Heath H
Full body work I felt Mrs. Laruie was very professional and productive. I was feeling good and healthy after the session. I do highly recommend her wellness service.
Christina C
Great pre and postnatal support Laura has been wonderful to work with during my first pregnancy and now afterwards! She offers good advice to ease some of the pregnancy related discomforts. Her prenatal massages are tailored to your individual needs, stage of prengnancy, and what hurts that day. I highly recommend Laura at Mother Earth Massage!!!
Selena R
Relaxing I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The massage was very good! The atmosphere is perfect! She had local honey as well and beautiful, amazing personal art to please the eyes. Very happy with the service. I definitely recommend Mother Earth Massage! She knows what she's doing. You'll leave with all your senses satisfied and body feeling like new!
Alex L
Awesome! I just had the best massage ever. I am a half marathon runner and she made my body feel so good and so relaxed. Explained each muscle to me. I also have been having yeast infection issues and she talked about the v steamer and sent me home with it for the best week to try. She is a very amazing knowledgeable person that has so much training on many different topics! Thank you so much! I look forward to coming back. She also got my husband scheduled to work on hip and knee problems. Such a great experience.
Amazing Laura was absolutely amazing. By far the best massage I’ve ever had. Very knowledgeable in wha she news and does. Very thankful I found her
Aubrey P
Labor Massage I called Laura to help me with a massage to induce my body into labor. Her techniques of using massage and pressure points, along with tips for home, helped me deliver a healthy little boy! She is always willing to try to get you into her sanctuary timely and is incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of her practice.
Maribeth R
Laura is awesome! Very informative and a great resource for overall pregnancy wellness. The massage was very relaxing and I left feeling very empowered and connected to my baby and pregnancy.
Catherine K
Massage Laura is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. I love how she shows diagrams and explains everything she is doing! Would highly recommend her to anyone!
Mary J
Massage Genius! I am so grateful to have found Laura Morledge. With so many back, neck and limb pain issues, it is comforting to be under the care of a massage therapist that understands how to work on the areas directly connected to the problem areas permeating the pain. She finds the source and gives those areas expert attention. After a session, I always experience much needed relief. Laura continuously furthers her education which results in a therapist that understands the needs of her clients. Thank you, Laura, for being a compassionate listener that always goes above and beyond. You are a true gem and I appreciate you more than you know.
Elena D
Prenatal message I not only get a relaxing message, I learn how things work and how we can take better care of ourselves. I really enjoy the prenatal message. I just had my second session. I wish I knew about Mother Earth message sooner.
Dan M
Massage I think my last visit with Laura has been my fifth visit. She is very knowledgeable and I leave every time feeling refreshed and ready to take in the day. Counting down the to my next visit. Thx Laura
Kelly N
Therapeutic massage Amazing!!😊 loved it
Took a chance I don't normally get massages, so I had no idea which one to use, but God lead me to the right place. I felt better immediately and am scheduled for another wonderful experience!
Marie Rosy B
very very very good massage Laura loves what she does and that translate in the caring and the expertise she demonstrate during the massage session. Her knowledge of anatomy and the functioning of muscles is amazing! My muscles felt so good after my massage session. I recommend it to anyone experiences tension either from exercising or just regular life stressors.
Karen B
Best day ever I had an amazing day following my massage! I felt relaxed and clear. Ready for the day!
Kaci Munguia
Amazing! She was very professional, personable, educated and full of information! I will be going back even after my baby is born!
usefull I'm having real problems with dehydration so good to get masage
Worth Every Penny The therapist worked very hard in every respect to ensure that the whole experience of the massage therapy was as beneficial as possible. A very professional therapist who appears to thoroughly enjoy what she does.
Natalia R
Mother Earth It’s always a great experience. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about your well being.
Rhonda P
Financial Assistant very awesome massage
Erin A
Wonderful experience Laura was very knowledgeable and I really appreciated her spending a lot of time with me. It was much more than a massage. I really learned a lot from her.
Sandie G
Laura Rocks! Went to Laura for another, much needed massage.... amazing! I always feel so energetic afterwards!
Lomi message My last visit to Mother Earth massage was to get a lomi massage. It was a wonderful experience and already have my next appointment booked👍
Jauntae F
Amazingly knowledgeable therapist Laura is very gentle and down-to-earth, it was the best idea to go in before my induction. She gave very helpful tips, as how to have the best most productive labor. I felt more relaxed about being induced and labor in general. The bonus about all the knowledge was the relaxing massage. I think the massage relaxed my body in places I forgot could relax. I will definitely be going back for just a regular massage!
Sandie G
Massage for Gramma I wanted to do something special for my Daughter-in-law to make life easier while she pregnant. Then, I decided to pamper myself too. I had some stress in my body and Laura worked alot if that out. I always figured, "No Pain, No Gain"- Not only did I feel better, I didn't hurt the next day! She also has some awesome knowledge on total wellness and the how's and why's they are benificial. I have been rough on my legs and feet. 30+ yrs. of 10 hr shifts. Fast pace service for happy eaters. My body was beginning to complain. I now have more energy and better circulation in my legs and feet! Thank You, Laura!
Debbie P
First Massage Thanks Laura, my massage was a great experience and I look forward to returning again. I am having less pain!
Jess M
Feeling Re-Centered A massage was a perfect way to give my body and mind attention that I rarely take time to do most days. I felt very comfortable and found much needed balance from being forced to slow down, reflect, and enjoy a mindful massage at Mother Earth. Thank you!
Shannon M
Fertility Massage I met with Laura for a fertility massage prior to IVF. She was so informative and clearly an expert in her field. She gave me a lot of useful tips and homeopathic and self-massage treatments in addition to a very relaxing abdominal massage. I highly recommend trying it out for anyone having fertility issues.
massage Excellent massage. Very relaxed and destressed afterwards
Patty B
Massage Feel great
Natasha P
Premium Experience Laura is a wonderful massage therapist. In addition to being kind and professional, she is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and has an intuitive aptitude as a therapist. She is trained in a broad spectrum of techniques and has a rounded approach to wellness. I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage!
Kristen W
Great experience This was my first visit to Mother Earth Massage. Everything was wonderful.
Joanne K
Best I've ever had I have been to many massage therapists in my life and I would rate Laura as being the very best. I honestly feel so much better both physically and mentally after a massage that I consider massage therapy to be essential to my health. I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage.
Corinne R
Prenatal Massage I have been having issues with sciatica and needed some extra relief. I learned so much during my massage I learned so much about my pregnant body. It was a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend.
Melissa C
Baby turned! Between the visits to the chiropractor and 1 massage, my breech baby turned! The message was very relaxing.
Consistently good Laura is very talented and professional. Her knowledge easily doubles that of any massage therapist I have met.
Tammy F
Awesome I had a great experience at Mother Earth Massage. Laura was awesome, she explained everything she was doing the entire time she was doing my massage. Never having had a massage before I didn't know what to expect. I actually had a full night sleep, which hasn't happened in months! I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage and I will be going back again!
service will to work around my schedule and willing to move appointments to come in and make the pain in my back go away. Can't say enough of how will laura is about working with you.
Caitlin S
Thai Yoga Massage Wonderful massage. Really helps to find out where my weaknesses are
Excellent The massage was both relaxing and informative. She engaged in conversation, but not too much that it wasn't relaxing. I will be going AGAIN.
Maya Abdominal Therapy I went to Laura for a Maya abdominal therapy. During my first visit, Laura discussed about my requirements and offered several guidelines and information which was very helpful. She used human anatomy models to explain how massage can help different areas of our body. I found this was extremely helpful. Laura is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and she is willing to answer all my questions regarding my situation. After the initial discussion, I was ready to start the massage. Laura started the massage by explaining each and every step that she was doing. I felt relaxed and comfortable during the process. During the massage she explained all the self-care techniques that I should be doing at home after the massage is over. Laura is definitely an expert in providing a healing touch. Without any hesitation, I recommend her for the abdominal massage. I was very much pleased with her approach; as a result after a month, I decided to go back to her for another session. She is great and consistent with what she is doing. Every time after the completion of the massage from Laura, I feel physically and emotionally relaxed and have a great positive attitude. She has a vast amount of knowledge about different massage techniques and overall wellbeing of a person. I would definitely go back to her for Maya abdominal therapy. Thank You Laura.
Cari N
Great Massage & Great Info Laura is a gifted massage therapist and a wealth of knowledge. I’m so happy I found her! She not only provided a top notch pregnancy massage, she provided me with worthwhile information about pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. I will definitely continue to use her through my pregnancy and postpartum.
Hollie C
Forward Thinking I was scheduled for a certain type of massage early one morning. Laura asked me about my pending day and what tasks I had before me. Knowing that the after effects of the particular scheduled massage might leave me less sharp and attentive than I needed to be for my day, Laura suggested an alternate type and that we move the other technique to the next visit. I truly appreciate her foresight and care for not only my physical health but also how the rest of my life and day could be impacted. She's a gem!
Hollie C
Continued Great Therapy Laura has been working on an area of my body that has a fair amount of scar tissue from problems beginning 10 years ago and continuing intermittently until last year. Because of her therapy I already have more range of motion and relief from tension and tight muscles than I've ever had. I did not think I could progress this well this fast. So great to be at this point and Laura has been integral in that.
Dan M
Massage therapy I was very pleased with my massage from Mother Earth Massage! I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I even booked my next massage while I was there. Thx
Amazing massage Laura is amazing.....Very knowledgeable… And gIves a wonderful massage!!!
Rene B
My Massage Experiece Terrific massage!!!Doing it again asap
Rene B
My Massage Experiece I felt so much better. It was wonderful!
Hollie C
Whole Body Care Specialist Laura takes care of your whole being. She has wonderful ideas of other things that could be of use in your self-care plan. She listens to everything that is going on with you the patient and refuses to take a myopic approach to your well-being. My most recent body work is probably that best service yet that I have gotten from Laura - and I believe it is because she is responsive to my needs and intuitive even as to what they are. She is very in tune with the human body and a natural, whole person approach to your health. I just love her!
Allicen K
Wonderful!! Laura is kind, attentive and very good at educating the client on various things applicable to the clients conditions. Her prenatal massages got me through my pregnancy!
Miranda B
Laura is amazing!! She made me so confortable the entire time I was there. Gave THE best massage I've ever had. I would reccomend her a million times over :)
Haley T
Prenatal massage If you are looking for a wonderful prenatal massage I highly suggest Mother Earth massage. It was amazing!!
Jeanette B
Massage and Pelvic Steam I had a complete body massage and a pelvic steam for my appointment and left in a puddle full of refreshing relaxation. This was the first time I tried the pelvic steam and was completely surprised by how relaxed and cleansed I felt during and after the process. This is definitely something that should be done by everyone. Thank you Laura for offering this process for all to try.
Hollie C
Always Evolving and Thinking The thing I really enjoy about Laura is that she's always thinking and engaged in YOU and YOUR health. She listens to your concerns and thinks very holistically to find ways to help you. She just recently pinpointed a previously unidentified trouble spot to begin work. That's what I call a healer!!!
Great experience Great experience
AAHHHHH Enjoyed my first massage with Laura. She provided education and a medicinal massage.
Massage Laura is an amazing massage therapist. Consistently getting massages from her once a month for the past few years has improved both my mental and physical health. I highly recommend her services.
Always good Really wants to help
Laurie M
Massage Laura gave me a wonderful massage and was extremely knowledgeable. It was a great experience and I will definitely go back and recommend her to friends and family.
Kris B
Massage Laura is a wonderful massage therapist. Her knowledge of the human body and muscles is amazing. How fun was it for her to share what muscles she was working on and what role they play in making our body function. What an awesome experience. Thank you so much Laura! I would highly recommend.
Nicole R
Relaxed and Rejuvinated I always look forward to my monthly appointmentcwith Laura! Thank you for helping me to feel relaxed and rejuvenated!
Amy H
Wonderful Laura was exceptional to work with. Her passion and excitement about what she does really shows!! I'd definitely recommend her to anyone!
Angie G
Great massage! Wonderful way to end a busy day!
Coul Hill
Try Thai Yoga Massage...it is amazing! One of the things I love about Mother Earth Massage is that Laura is always learning new techniques and earning new certifications to better serve her clientele. I recently tried the Thai Yoga massage, and let me tell you, I was blown away! It was one of the most beneficial and refreshing massage experiences I have ever had, seriously. Now, I have never done Yoga in any form and I am one who previously held some conservative apprehension towards Yoga in general. However, this is great...it’s the stretching and breathing parts of Yoga, for “lazy” people; the stretching is done to you as part of the massage, which is phenomenal!
Dana Z
What Relaxation! Laura at Mother Earth Massage, is knowleadgable, capable, wonderful, fantastic.... I could go on. Great massage, helped so much with my leg issues. Highly recommended, highly!
Tierany B
Laura works wonders Laura works wonders! I definitely recommend the prenatal massage to all you expecting moms, such a relief on the aching body and to prepare for labor!
VARIETY I thought it was cool that you used a different oil and tried hot stones. This is good plan because might find things that work even better
massage laura is always doing a great massage for my areas of pain
Jesse G
Awesome My back was really hurting chiropractor wasnt working. Got taped after massage really helped such a nice lady
Great sports massage Very knowledgeable about every muscle in the human body, and humans anatomy in general making her even more impressive. Is expirenced and has a great work environment . Massage was exceptional
relaxing I received a great massage, thanks
David O
Plants I really like all of your plants in south window. It fits Mother Earth theme and makes people happy. I hope to add some kinds you do not have. Keep being technical with us on how are body works
Sethalee L
Amazing Such an awesome experience each time I've gone to Laura! Would happily recommend her services to anyone who needs a massage
Adele B
5 Stars I was having pain down my right leg for quite a while. I see a chiropractor for a rotated pelvis. I would feel some relief after my adjustment but it wasn't until I saw Laura that I was relieved of the pain and weakness in the right leg. I found Laura to be knowledgeable and compassionate. I will definitely keep my monthly massage as part of health care! Thank you Laura!
Hollie C
Personalized Care Laura is amazing at what she does. Her concern for each patient pushes her to hear each one out and listen to what's going on with their bodies. She seeks to look behind the obvious for root causes to pain and physical issues. She truly seeks to treat the whole of you as well and not just the body.
Body Bliss So nice to find a kindered spirit in Billings and is so skilled at working the body into bliss.
Easy to remember I knew what I wanted, and Laura "listened" and delivered.
David O
Fit Lady I like how healthy you are for doing your work. You are a good example of health. Great that you are a runner, cyclist and do yoga. We relate to you.
David O
Good Experience Unlike doctor, Good talk about how body works physically and chemically. I like crystals in massage room. Nice office. Good parking. Center of Town location good.
Dot D
Most beneficial massage After many years of having massages, Laura, with her combined techniques, gave me the most beneficial treatment I've ever received.
Elisabeth D
You will not regret seeing Laura With my first pregnancy I was gifted one of the pregnancy packages at Mother Earth. Now in my second pregnancy, I bought the package myself and consider seeing Laura to be a part of standard prenatal care. Laura helps you know your body better, she can find problem areas and has a holistic approach to making sure you are in a good place and your growing baby has a happy home. I even sent my husband to her for some daddy de-stressing. If I could change anything it would be seeing Laura more often.
Julie H
5 5
David O
Oils Nice that quality oil are used which add to health benefit
Heather R
Great Therapist I currently am going to Laura for help with bringing some comfort to pregnancy- she's wonderfully knowledgeable and I plan on continuing to see her post-baby. Highly recommended!
Dixie Y
Great experience! Laura was very welcoming and I had a very comfortable and rejuvenating prenatal massage experience. After a relaxing massage she was very helpful in suggesting ways to stay relaxed and in tune with my body and baby.
Dannette F
Healing massage Im from Bozeman and didnt think there were any great therapists here in Billings. Then I found Laura Morledge of Mother Earth Massage! Im thrilled to have found her! She is definitely a gifted worker who loves what she does. A while back I really needed a massage and could not get in to Laura. I went to someone new who had an opening right away. It was awful and I knew right then that I would only go to Laura in the future. She also put me on a waiting list for cancellations since I havent been good at booking in advance but I have learned my lesson and have booked out massages with her for the next 2 months. She is amazing!
Anellise D
Great Massage! I absolutely loved my massage. She was very informative and taught me a lot while I was there. I also felt very comfortable and it was very relaxing. Definitely going back!
LOVE! I loved everything about this massage. I love how she has time before and after to talk to me and not rushed with other clients. She is very credible with the information she is sharing and I look forward to more visits!
Massage I as always very satisfied with the massage
Nichole A
Relaxed and Eased I have seen Laura for both a prenatal and a post natal massage. She is absolutely wonderful and had the best costumer service. She is very informative and tells you what she is working on and the muscles how they work and what she is doing to work on them. Laura is a sweet lady and she knows how to relax and soothe all the sore muscles caused by pregnancy. Can't wait until I can see her again. Must have treat for all women.
Laura M
shes the best Gives the best massages and very informative and a smart women. There's nobody better.
Terry M
THE BEST I've been to a lot and she is the best! My forever massage therapist!
Cory G
Will be going back! I have a significant lumbar spine issue. Laura helped me with mobility and posture in just one session. She is attentive, perceptive and very helpful. Im going back as soon as I can!
Greg K
Satisfied I saw Laura for ongoing lower back pains and over all aches and pain.After my visit I was pleasantly surprised how better I felt>my lower back pain i have been having for quite sometime was greatly reduced and i feel with further treatments she will relive it for good.I can't say enough how much better my whole body feels,and cannot wait for my next visit.
Great Pregnancy Massage! The best pregnancy massage I have had! She took the time to explain everything she was doing and why all while creating a relaxing environment. I will for sure be back!
Kamber B
SUPERB!!! I learned so much from Laura about so many things!!! She is very knowledgeable and it's evident that massage/the body is her passion! Definitely going back!!!
Dannette F
Healing Massage I'm from the Bozeman area and have temporarily been in Billings due to personal reasons. I've kinda had a snoby attitude that Billings doesn't have any of the options regarding health, healing, and wellness that Bozeman does. I freaky needed a massage and searched online for my options although I "knew" I would not get the level of healing and care that I would get from my amazing therapy in Bozeman. Well, I was wrong! I found Laura's information and scheduled a session with her. My massage felt SO WONDERFUL! And, it was much more then that. She is a healer who is passionate about who she is and what she does. She is a gifted healer as well as a teacher who loved to share her knowledge and understanding with me. She also helped me to see that there is more to Billings then I have been willing to see! It's so good to know as This helped to remind me of a favorite quote for myself and others - And is perfect for Spring - BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED🌻🌈💛. Thank you Laura🙏
Amanda H
wonderful pregnancy treat! Laura is very knowledgeable about women's health and reproduction, and she gave great tips and info in addition to the massage! I wish I would have found her sooner!
Amy H
Great Massage Laura gives a great massage. She makes you feel comfortable and she is very knowledgeable. When I was pregnant she helped me feel better with her massage techniques. I have continued to go to Laura she does a great job!
Jacquie B
Informative and Relaxing Not only did she provide an amazing massage experience, but she provided me with information to prevent future pain, prepare for my baby's birth and prenatal issues, and educated me on the sources of discomfort. The environment is relaxing, clean, and flows. She loves her job, and the quality of my experience there is the proof.
Massage I always feel a.lot more relaxed after having a great massage
Very Informative Laura was kind and patient with all my questions. I enjoyed my massage and would highly recommend her to my friends and family.
Excellent A perfect massage and great care, specifically tailored to my individual needs. So grateful!
massage i was having spams in my back and couldn't sleep at night . After the massage the spasms in the back stopped and I actually sleeped though the night.
Hollie C
Caring and listening Laura is wonderful. Plain and simple. She always listens to me as I'm listening to my body. She takes extra steps to make sure you're getting the best experience possible. You can tell she loves her craft and that she genuinely cares for her customers.
Massage I really relax and feel a lot better after every massage, plus like getting tips about how to keep my body flexible as I get older.
Maureen F
Full Body Massage I had a great massage at Mother Earth with Laura. She is very thorough and attends to every need.
Megan B
Pre-Natal Massage Very knowledgeable in her field. Gave wonderful advise on muscle support and structure to help with pain relief. Very relaxing massage! Will be back again!
Heather R
Prenatal relaxation Laura was great- I regularly have imbalances in my body due to old injuries and the nature of my work and pregnancy has only amplified it. Laura is skilled at finding those tense areas and doing what needs to be done to get them back to their 'normal' state. I look forward to future sessions with her- both during pregnancy and after! Thank you!
Nicole R
Relaxed Always just what I need!
Lindsey M
Great Massage Excellent prenatal massage!
Amanda H
Informative and relaxing Laura gave helpful information along with a great massage! I walked out with more than just stress relief; I actually felt I had knowledge on things I could do myself between massages. She was very informed on pregnancy and women's health issues. I would highly recommend her!
Terry Moler
The best! I wish it were a 100 star rating system. Laura is by far the best I have ever been too and I have gone to a lot over the years. Thanks Laura for another fabulous massage!
Lovely Experience Couldn't have had a better experience at my first prenatal massage. Looking forward to many more!
Hollie C
Amazing as usual Laura takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs. She is thoughtful and considerate - quiet when you need, adding little touches like a hot rock here and there based on your bodies issues. I appreciate how she asks me questions to make sure I'm doing okay. I never feel rushed and that's important to me. Laura treats my time as sacred. Thank you!!
Hollie C
Amazing, Healing, Restorative Laura takes the time to really listen to you and to treat you individually. She puts her heart and soul into her practice and the patient reaps the benefits in rejuvenation of mind and body. She takes time to educate you too on how your body works together. I highly recommend her for body work!!!
Rene B
massage felt so relaxing! superb so glad I have this wonderful retreat
Kim B
massage Laura took the time to see which scent/oil connected with me before the massage and the massage was fabulous..
Donna P
massage relaxing and helped relief stress
Melisa T
Wonderful massage! Thank you so much Laura for another great experience. Not only is the massage great but she has so much knowledge to share with pregnant women. I learn so many things during my time with Laura and look forward to my next appointment.
Emily S
Awesome massage! One of the best I've ever gotten, very comfortable atmosphere, many different services offered
Lori S
massage of feet was excellent Loved the relaxing body massage. The whole experience is very peaceful. thank you.
Tony M
Body massage I have never had a body massage before it was great and learned a lot about taking care of my body. I really didn't feel all that different the rest of the day BUT the next day I never felt better in my body. My workout at the gym was easier and less exhausting. It was great experience having the massage and now want to have another one.
Lori S
massage It was perfect!
Robert C
Excellent Great massage, helped relieve some body stiffness and pain
Colin B
Relaxation Felt much more relaxed after my visit. Helped with sore back. Very much needed!
Melisa T
Highly Recommend! Thank you Laura for the wonderful prenatal massage. Laura is so knowledgeable and creates such a comfortable environment. Thank you!
Kristine G
Full body massage Most relaxing massage experience ive ever had. Also learned a lot! Thank you!!!
Great body work Such a wonderful massage.
Joanne K
A wonderful experience I can highly recommend Mother Earth Massage. Laura is very knowledgable and a skilled massage therapist.
Donna P
Massage Great
Becky T
Excellent Massage Excellent therapeutic experience absolutely a 5 star experience. Laura is busy but if possible it's worth the wait to get in!!'
Christin M
So Helpful! Laura is not only very skilled at maternity massage she is also very knowledgeable about the affects of pregnancy on your body. She has very helpful information regarding the various issues one can have with pregnancy and how to deal with them. I was referred to Laura and personally will refer her to anyone I know needing maternity massage! She is awesome! I have pre-scheduled 6 appointments with her - you don't just do that with anyone!
Amazing work!!! She does amazing work!! Always makes me feel better and is very knowledgeable.
Arvigo awesomeness I had been having trouble with my cycle for about six months when I decided to seek out Laura's help. Not only did I feel she really listened to me, the massage itself was way more than I remember experiencing when I had tried another Arvigo practitioner 3 years earlier. It also stopped a very long (21 day) period(!). Completely energized and relaxed at the same time. Can't wait to go back for more Arvigo or just a plain massage. She is talented and I'm grateful we have her here in Billings.
Jody Hopper
Wonderful Wonderful massage, wonderful lady, wonderful hour. Wonderful way to start a Friday morning. Laura was very knowledgeable and informative. Relaxing and invigorating experience. She seems to figure out just what your body needs!
Ted M
Massage Excellent massage, stretching information, and great thoughts on things that could be bothering my body. Thanks so much!
Mrs Taissa A
Very pleasant massage!!! Laura is very professional a massage therapist and great person. Nice and relaxing atmosphere. I truly enjoed and the massage was just fantastic!I would recommend Laura to my family and friends!
Katie B
Wonderfully relaxing postnatal massage Laura, was amazing and professional. I was able to fully enjoy my massage while my newborn relaxed in the room with me. It was nice to know she could lie with me if she got too fussy. Laura worked out sore muscles I didn't know were sore after labor & delivery. Thanks Laura, j look forward to my next appointment!
Mary J
Excellent experience! Laura truly knows what she is doing as a massage therapist! She knows the inner workings of the body. After months of shoulder pain, one visit made an enormous improvement. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough! I am very pleased with her work and will definitely be returning!
Rachel A
Great experience! Laura is so knowledgeable and talented. I started seeing her at 36 weeks and again at 38. She really knows how to take care of a pregnant woman in those last few weeks.
Nancy V
Awesome Awesome
Nadezda S
Arvigo Massage my ectopic pregnancy experience showed how little doctors know about pregnancy when it gets complicated. I was reading lots of books on the subject looking for answers and came across this Arvigo Massage that is recommended for fertility. I was so happy to find out that Laura was practicing this technique in Billings. She knows a lot about subject, she took time to explain things and she has a lot of good energy, kindness and compassion to do business like that. I would highly recommend her and will be definitely be coming back for more love and care.
Back feels great Great massage, I will be back!
Lisa S
Customer Awesome!
Kyle E
First massage My first massage at Mother Earth was AMAZING! I have never got a massage before and was skeptical, but after the first one I made an appointment right away for another. It was soothing and informational at the same time she teaches and tells you what she is doing so it is also interesting! Thank you!
Donna P
Massage Great
Matt M
Massage Massage was great. Knowledge of anatomy was exceptional.
Outstanding prenatal! Laura has the magic touch! She knows which areas to spend extra time on and has fixed everything from constipation to neck pain for me.
Wish I would have started going earlier in my pregnancy I loved the overall experience but was too swollen and too far into my 3rd trimester to make a huge impact on my "symptoms" but think if I would have gone earlier (if I would have known of her!) I think I would be in a wonderful place!! Laura was very nice, knowledgeable and took care of me. I LOVED the pillows that allowed me to finally be comfortable! Would definitely go again and recommend her to others.
Shalese G
Best Massage Experience Not only is Laura a very skilled masseuse, but a wonderful and caring person who creates a relaxing environment that is tailored to your needs.
Stephanie F
Prenatal massage Lower back and legs
Lindsey J
Arvigo Massage I feel so informed about what is happening in my body and appreciate all the insight that you gave me. Hoping for good things to come out of this massage, I already am starting to feel changes with each massage!
Terry M
The best! It has taken years to find someone I want to stay with for my massages. Mother Earth is the best I have ever found and I have sent many friends there. Laura has a lot of experience with different techniques and medical and physical conditions.You should give her a try. You will stay.
Kali W
Best Massage I have EVER had! I was experiencing back pain on a trip for work and found this business on google. My massage was exceptional and I appreciated the time she spent going over stretches and giving advice as to what I might continue to do to alleviate my pain. Next time I am in Billings, I will be going back!
Lisa B
Prenatal massage Excellent
Outstanding! Laura is very thorough and knowledgeable! She does a great prenatal massage--best I have ever had during 2 pregnancies.
Lisa H
wonderful! Thank you Laura! I am learning to take better care of my body/mind and your healing massage therapy is a part of that. You are a gift.
Lisa S
Patient Awesome lady!!
Krissy P
Pre-Natal Massage Laura is very knowledgeable about pre-natal physiology and massage. Had a great experience
Stephanie F
Prenatal massage It was wonderful
Krystal H
So relaxing Laura does such a great job. Massages are gold when you are pregnant!
Best Massage Ever ! Laura is very skilled. Book your session now. It's worth it!
Claire M
Excellent massage! Laura is very knowledgeable and helpful. The massage was super relaxing and felt really really nice. I will definitely be going back to her.
Don W
Love it Love it
Michelle G
Massage The best massage I have ever had!
Rene B
my feb visit Did really great! Liked the hot stones. Really happy to give a tremendously good comment! Thanks!
My review Good! Really good!!! Headache that doesn't go away, is gone!
Shasta E
Amazing massage! Laura was fabulous! She made me feel very comfortable and was very knowledgeable about what she was doing. I will definitely be going again soon!
Lisa Schaack
Customer Pressure points
Lacey H
Great! Will be back!
Relaxed Always relaxing! Thank you!
Aslinn M
Spectacular message! Laura is extremely proficient and very professional. She not only gives excellent massages, but she send you text messages and has you want to email list in order to send you updates as to when your massage is coming. She's extremely knowledgeable and uses essential oils to help he'll normal elements such as allergies backaches neck aches headaches etc. I would highly recommend mothers massage to any person looking for a masseuse.
Excellent This is my second pregnancy and boy do I look forawrd to my time at Mother Earth Massage. So relaxing and welcoming. Good vibes all around.
Terry M
Fabulous It is the first massage I have had in a long time that was completely right. there was nothing that caused me any discomfort or that I didn't like. I have already recommended you to 3 friends and it's only been a week. I will send everyone I know your way. Thank you so much!
Coul H
Great massage Excellent body work, highly recommended!!!!
Katy L
Reiki after concussion Wow, this helped me a lot! I had a great rest, woke up with more energy and appreciate the advice and clean, relaxing environment!
Shalese G
Wonderful! Laura is amazing! I always feel so nice afterwards and the atmosphere is so comfortable and relaxing.
Temple H
Amazing and Healing! I enjoyed my visit with Laura from start to finish. I felt a bit stressed out when I arrived, but as soon as I started talking to Laura, the anxious feeling quickly dissipated. She let me pick which essential oil I wanted to use, which I thought was a nice touch. She also used coconut oil for the massage. I appreciated the high quality, healthy ingredients. The massage itself was amazing. She worked all my sore muscles, and her technique felt amazing. The environment was very relaxing, too. I would recommend Laura to anyone in the Billings area who wants a really thorough, healing massage.
Linda W
Full body massage Prior to massage had some lower back pain. Have been pain free since massage. Thank you Laura!!! Great massage.
Jennie S
Mother Earth Massage Laura is amazing, knowledgeable, kind, effective therapy. She definitely got rid of the painful spasms in my back and increased my mobility in one visit
Rene B
My experience with Laura M. Terrific! As always, she listened to my requests o alleviate my areas of need. Will see her again and recommend to all friends and family.
Robin M
Pre-natal massage Love, love, love my massages! Couldn't live without them!
Michelle G
Massage Wonderful massage the best ever!
Dana Z
Best Gift Laura did an excellent massage. Immensely helped my neck and back. Highly recommend her!
Donnette R
Awesome! She's the best always feel great after, very caring!
Jessi E
Wonderful! LOVE Mother Earth Massage. Very relaxing and peaceful environment. I highly recommend Laura,she has the technique and skill to help muscles relax and stay relaxed. My top choice in Billings.
Relaxed! Always impressed! Leave relaxed and feeling so good! Laura is extremely knowledgeable and professional! Enjoy my time each month!
Relaxation I don't know how Laura does it but every time I see her I am more relaxed then the time before. Her massages are amazing!
Dana Z
Seriously Wonderful Excellent and professional, these are the two best words to describe a massage at Mother Earth Massage. Laura has great knowledge and technique. My back hasn't felt that good in ages, and I finally had a good night sleep after the massage!
Angela M
Prenatal Massage Laura was amazing! I will definitely be back. She was helped me understand how my body was changing physically and made me feel very comfortable. Both before and after my appointment were just as informative and I walked away with new knowledge of giwbto care for both me and my baby. Thank you!
Jonnae S
Massage I get prenatal massage as well as therapeutic massage for shoulder pain. I find the atmosphere and treatment very relaxing. I would recommend it to anyone.
Great support for healing Laura really goes the extra mile for satisfaction. A dedicated & knowledgeable healer, obviously engaged in continuous learning for the benefit of her patients. Nice treatment room atmosphere, too.
Sarah K
Best massage I've ever had! I have never gotten up from a massage without a headache. This was the first time I stood up and actually felt well! I learned so much about my muscles, ligaments and how it's all connected. I was completely comfortable and at ease. I LOVED every second! My next appointment can't come soon enough!
Stacey O
Great massage Laura is knowledgable and answered all of my questions that I had. My skin felt great afterwards and so did my body!!
Rhonda P
awesome She has twice helped with problems I had
Sarah W
Prenatal massage I'm always comfortable and relaxed and I leave educated and renewed. She is an amazing massage therapist and really knows what she's doing. I'm so happy I found her! Expecting or not her massages and techniques are very therapeutic and helpful.
Stacey O
Great! Loved my prenatal massage!! I would recommend Mother Earth massage to anyone. Laura is very knowledgable about how the body works, what areas/muscles need a little TLC when you are pregnant. She also gave tips on how to make pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postnatal more comfort.
Jessica D
Great massage taught me a lot about my body and baby too
Joann F
Great Great massage always
Chelsey F
Post Baby Massage My back was in need of help and as soon as I was done getting the massage it felt so much better. I will definitely be back!
Carole E
Massages so helpful When I first started going to Laura, I was having terrible headaches and neck pain from a whiplash accident. I've been having massage for about 7 months now and they have relieved my headaches and neck pain to the point that I don't even think about it anymore. What a relief to find Mother Earth Massage. Thank you Laura
Nicole R
Massage 1 Very relaxing and informative!
Virginia D. O'Neill
Arvigo About a month ago I had the Arvigo therapy for chronic diarrhea. I couldn’t go anywhere without worrying. I would plan trips by not eating several days before, so that I wouldn't have to deal with the diarrhea issue. Laura used the Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal therapy and taught me how to do the belly massage. My life has totally changed. I do not have to worry about the diarrhea now and can come and go as I please. I have recommended this treat to many of my friends.
Carole E
Lovely I love going to Mother Earth Massage, it has helped my stress level so much.
excellent massage convenient hours
Joann F
Great I always get a great massage. I look forward to my appointments.
Johnna B
Phenomenal Best massage I've ever had, looking forward to the next! Thanks again!
Rene B
My review Thank you for your wonderful appointment It was great! I will be trying hard to take your advice to help me with back pain.
8th Wonder of the World After chiropractors, and steroid shots I found you. Much better results , and far more enjoyable. I will see you again!
Massage Awesome as always!
Ella L
Great experience Second Prenatal massage with Laura was amazing very relaxing, calming and enjoying. was a great was to start my 37th week of pregnancy. highly recommended!!
Dana P
wonderful integrative massage This is the first time that I went to Laura, and I loved her techniques. I was so, so relaxed and yet she worked deeply on the troubled spots. Somehow, she was able to really work the spots and keep the massage super relaxing. I woke up the next morning feeling much better! Excellent therapist.
John M
Great massage totally helped Great
Tara K
One of the best! I had my massage yesterday and today I feel fantastic! Laura was absolutely amazing! She explained things to me, so I fully understood what was going on with my body. What a great gift she has to share. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Laura! :)
Kelly C
we should do this more often! Laura is professional and does a quality job. She listens to areas of the body that one could be struggling with and gives great feedback. I have felt relaxed after my massages and I would recommend this to any mom to be. I have had some tension headaches and stress and I feel that Laura makes a session as stress free as I can be. It's worth doing and I will continue to do through my pregnancy!
Crystal D
Felt wonderful, just what I needed
Dana Z
Great Massage Very well done. Massage greatly helped my back pain and heel pain. One of the best massages I have ever received.
Sandy T
massage Very good massage. Got to a lot of my muscles. Loved the hot stones. :)
Sherry W
Amazing, Compassionate Massage Therapist Laura has a sacred room for massage which includes pleasant aromas, soft lighting, and warm colors. Her technique is based on assisting the person with healing through relaxation. She exudes compassion and empathy, which fills the room with healing energy.
Karla T
Therapeutic Great body work massage. Greatly eased the tension that was causing much problem in lower back and hips. I forgot to drink lots of water, so was fairly nauseous in the evening and the day after. But this is a good indication that some stuck stuff got moved out. Would definitely revisit and recommend.
Great! Very relaxing and gave me great tips on how to get through the remainder of my pregnancy with stretches and pain! Thanks Laura! You are wonderful!
Andrea B
Don't wait For any woman struggling with typical pregnancy aches and pains I would strongly recommend this practice. Once I began getting weekly prenatal massages I was having significant pain which quickly subsided with even the first massage and also lowered my stress level immensely. Whereas the postpartum massage I received helped to work out aches and pains I didn't know I had...amazing results!
Karie W
Very Talented! I have been massaged by other professionals, and none of them are nearly as good as she is. I love the atmosphere and her technique is like no other. I leave there feeling like putty. Its amazing! I will forever be a faithful customer!
helped back Laura did a full body massage. I really felt comfortable with Laura . She was very positive and professional and inform as to be.
Relaxing Massage Amazing massage as usual - Laura uses many techniques to help with all types of stress - physical, emotional and mental. I always walk out better than I was when I walked in.
massage Massage was good. Good communication. Great room and room temp.
Amber P
So Thankful! Laura was booked out straight, but with my induction date set she skipped her lunch break to squeeze me in! I didn't go into labor so she offered to work late to do another massage at a reduced rate to try again after her regular hours! She is a compassionate person that cares not only about her business, but her clients!
Massage Laura has the ability to reach the deepest stress in my body and help relieve it. I highly recommend her amazing skills
Terra S
Mother Earth Massage I recieved an invigorating massage from Laura & not only did I feel better after but I also felt great throughout my day. I would suggest that type of massage to someone who struggles with lack of energy or depression.
Terra S
mother earth massage Amazing massage & Laura is very knowledgeable & professional.
laura m
Awesome! I was very comfortable and relaxed. It was best massage ive ever had.
Clarisa C
My first Massage experience This was my first experience with any type of massage, relaxation or otherwise and I must say that I was instantly at ease with how thoughtful and professional Laura was. She took the time to explain to me what she would be doing, continually checked in with me regarding my personal and physical comfort, all while delivering a very thorough and relaxing massage. I would visit her again without hesitation! I will also refer her to others in my life who may need therapeutic massage or just want to unwind. Thank you Laura Morledge for your gracious nature and amazing practice.
wonderful massage!! I would highly recommend getting a message with Laura. It's very relaxing and leaves you feeling better. She is great about making sure the pressure and your comfort level is obtained. Extremeley knowledgeable with prenatal masssge as well. I will tell all my friends and family about her.
Rachel J
Enjoyed Every Minute! My massage at 36 weeks was absolutely wonderful. Laura was very knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs as a pregnant mother. I definitely recommend it!
Shandell H
prenatal massage My prenatal massage was wonderful! The quiet peaceful environment was very relaxing and I drifted away! I would highly recommend a prenatal massage while pregnant
Suzanne V
Awesome! I love getting prenatal massages with Laura! I did not realize what I was missing out on. This is an excellent way to relieve all the aches and pains of pregnancy as well as to relax. She is very knowledgeable in the field and works to ensure you have an enjoyable pregnancy.
Judy N
Great Reiki Session I went in feeling very drained and tired and came out very refreshed.
Kristen B
So wonderful! Laura is so caring an knowledgeable! I haven't been regular with massages for quite some time, but I am feeling so much rejuvination and increasing my body awareness that I feel like it's an important component to continuing incorporate! When we allow someone else to care for us and we truly feel cared for, I think that increases our ability to care for ourselves.
Emily H
Amazing! Laura is amazing both at massage and as a person. Not only do her massages help me relax, she is genuinely excited about my pregnancy and baby. She helps me problem solve all the crazy ailments that come with the journey - more than my doctor! She has been really wonderful and so fun to visit with.
Sharli K
Nourishing and Replenishing Laura's soft and inviting nature is perfect for what she does! Her space is so peaceful and she is a healer!
Carole E
Look forward to each massage I so look forward to each massage I get with Laura. She helps me relax and is very good at helping those spots that are hurting and aching.
Donna P
Excellent I will be a return client!
Lauren W
Lovely! I had my first prenatal massage this weekend with Laura and it was absolutely lovely! Laura has a great technique and explained each step of the massage to me as she preformed it. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in 2 weeks!
Jinni B
Laura is the BEST in Billings! I will never go to anyone else! She is so amazing! I highly recommend that everyone go to her and see that she is the BEST in Billings!!
Katy L
Feeling Amazing Thanks so much for encouraging me to try Reiki. I remained a bit unsure (although the experience was very relaxing) until the next day when I woke up refreshed and spent the day in a smiling, positive way. That's what I prayed for during the experience, clearing any negativity and opportunity to serve others. thanks Laura, will recommend you and come back too...
Sue D
Thank you Laura! I received a WONDERFUL massage from Laura. She uses Doterra oils and provided me with helpful advice for for my husband's sore back and daughter's pain as well. She is a very kind person and highly professional. Thank you Laura!
Carol C
Great massage! Enjoyed the massage i recieved at mother earth. She was very knowledgeable and listened to what i wanted. Professional and comfortable. Thanks Laura. I will be back
Lisa D
Relaxation massage It was wonderful and informative! Also, increased my interest in essential oils.:)
Kelly K
I don't know what this means about reviewing title I had a full body message from Laura. I was post surgery n experiencing sever muscle spasms. I felt Laura did a wonderful job. I felt like she rally cared to help me the best she could. And she did. I am going back to see her.
Sunshine N
Words Cannot Express! Laura has magic in her hands! I love this lady and the light that she brings to me and my baby. She is attentive, kind and super knowledgeable with her gift of massage therapy. I feel like her specialty is prenatal, but she did wonders for my tension and headaches before I was pregnant. I would highly recommend Mother Earth Massage to others and in fact, I have!
Sara N
The Best Part of Being Pregnant! My husband got me 6 prenatal massages with Mother Earth Massage and it was by far the best birthday gift he's ever given me! This was my first pregnancy so I wasn't sure how tough it would be, but getting a massage weekly from Laura made the last 2 months a piece of cake! She alleviated my sore muscles and gave me pointers on stretches to do to help my posture. I received my last massage 4 days before my due date and ended up giving birth to my beautiful baby boy on his due date with only 8 hours of labor & no epidural!!! I credit my easy pregnancy & fast delivery to these massages (along with walking daily, staying hydrated & eating right). I highly recommend Mother Earth Massage to anyone who is pregnant!
ahh total relaxation.. had a pregnancy massage here. Laura is a nice lady who seems to genuinely care for her customers.
Cassie B
Highly Recommended My experience with Laura was amazing. I was 35 weeks pregnant, having horrible back pain and the earliest I could get in for a massage was a week after I scheduled an appointment. Laura saw that I was in pain and got me in the next day, you can tell she truly cares about her patients and has a passion for what she does. She was so helpful, she showed me different stretches to help with my pain. Not to mention the massage was extremely relaxing and comforting. I would recommend her to any & everyone!! She's knowledgable about what she does, and is very kind and warming.
Samantha D
Finally someone who is educated in prenatal massage! Outstanding! This is my 4th pregnancy and I wish I had found Mother Earth Massage sooner! Hands down the best prenatal massage I have ever received! Laura is very knowledgable and extremely helpful and resourceful! I can't wait for my next appointment!
Emily S
Grateful client! I have been to Laura at Mother Earth Massage for a number of sessions and was recently able to benefit from her newest offering, the Arvigo technique of Maya Abdonminal Massage. As someone who had previously thought full day(s) of cramping and other menstrual-related woes were "normal," it was so informative to learn about the potential causes and, even better, a natural way to correct those causes! Laura is undoubtedly knowledgeable and skilled, but it is her personality and individualized attention that will make you a repeat client, as I am glad to be!
Amy H
Prenatal Massage Laura does a great job, she makes you feel comfortable. Much needed during pregnancy!
Jinni B
5 Laura is a "Five Star" Massage Therapist. She is amazing and I will continue to go to her forever!
Very relaxing Highly recommend for a wintertime escape without leaving town!
Ella L
Great relaxation time Had an amazing time at Mother Earth massage with Laura, the experience was fantastic. This wasn't my first prenatal massage but it sure was the best one I've had. Laura was fantastic she had the right amount of pressure and knew without me saying much what hurt and what to work on to make the rest of the pregnancy feel better.
Terra S
Good Loved the massage & the information she gave me...very knowledgable about the body. Felt so rejuvanated after.
Sue R
Massage was super😊 Very relaxed afterwards, Laura is a very nice easy going knowledgable massage therapist, I would highly recommend her to my friends.
Rachel W
Excellant Massage Very knowledgeable and willing to help out with any questions or concerns you may have. She was very nice and caring. Appreciate the service and follow up. Will have another massage soon. Thanks
Carole E
So relaxing........ I found with all the stress in my life that I needed to start taking care of myself. I found Mother Earth Massage on the net and made an appointment with Laura and what a blessing she has been. An awesome masseuse; I come away from the massage very relax and feeling so much better. Prices are very reasonable. Would definitely recommend Mother Earth Massage to anyone who just needs to relax and let someone else do the work :)
great massages Hole body massage therapy is great for body and mind
Don W
She does a good job Full body massage wow she has helped me so much
Brooke S
Prenatal massage With this being my first massage ever I didn't know what to expect. Well it was so much more than I was hoping and expected! I was very pleased with the atmosphere and service. The massage was just what I needed for my body and mind during this triplet pregnancy. I would recommend her to my friends and family and will continue to receive massages from here.
Kate R
TERRIFIC massage! Thanks a million for helping my body to loosen-up after my marathon weekend of yoga! I raved about you (again) to my Mission Ridge gals, & I even gave your name & number to one of 'em! (the only client who actually lives at M.R., Joann) So, be looking for her to call you :-)
Lauren S
Prenatal Massage I had a wonderful experience at my massage yesterday. I thought I had had prenatal massages in the past, but after yesterday, I realize I had never actually had a real prenatal massage before. Laura was extremely knowledgeable about the changes the body goes through during pregnancy. I will definitely be going back!
Amanda H
Prenatal massage Laura was very knowledgable about what muscles of mine needed work and she found the root cause of my sciatic pain, something that had been torturing me all pregnancy. She also provides you with handouts of stretches and other helpful info to take home. I'll be recommending her to my friends!
Annie D
Annie Thanks for a great massage. My neck is as good as new. See you Saturday.
Krystal H
Much needed massage such a great massage to get while pregnant. So relaxing and informative. Love going here! will definitely be back soon. Thanks!
Joann F
Great massage Great massage
Kate R
SUPER massage SUPER massage followed by yogic FUN!
Joann F
Mother Earth Massage is a very pleasant and clean place to have a massage. Laura is very knowledgable and gives a great massage. Laura kept asking if the pressure was right and gave me some good tips to help with my back issues. I would recommend Laura to everyone.
Lindsay J
NURTURING The massage was awesome! Mother Earth Massage was very loving and nurturing with a cozy massage room and table. Yum!
Darby G
Prenatal massage Massage was wonderful! Very relaxing and extreamly informative. I juse wish I could afford to do them more often. Prices are set well, I just can't afford the extra expense often. Thank you!
Bailee W
Postnatal massage I delivered my baby 11 weeks ago now, and still am benefiting from the massages. Being a mother is exhausting and very much rewarding at the same time. But treating yourself to an occasional massage is very beneficial. Since getting a postnatal massage, it has helped my posture since being a mother who breastfeeds I tend to slouch alot. It also helps lower stress and help milk production. I highly recommend mothers to find a time to treat themselves to one of Laura's postnatal massages.
5 This lady really knows her anatomy. She went through my body muscle by muscle finding all those that were tense or sore and then used facilitated stretching to help those muscles that would not release. Highly recommended. Ninety minutes seemed just right. No more sciatic pain or stiff shoulder.
Anya F
Great experience Just what I needed to de-stress! Laura found all of my tight spots with skilled hands (and arms and elbows) using just the right amount of pressure. The atmosphere was great with dimmed lights, soothing music and scents. Thanks so much!
Michelle H
So amazing I am not a massage person. I had a couple before I was married, and found it the least relaxing thing. However, after getting a gift certificate for a prenatal massage with Laura from a friend of mine, I was definitely game. At almost 39 weeks pregnant with my second child who will be 17 months younger than the first, I definitely needed the relaxation. The 90 minutes flew by as she not only worked out all of my tight muscles but also gave me pointers on relaxation methods and pressure points to help labor progress since I am attempting to go all natural for this child birth. I would recommend her to everyone, and have already begun to do so!!
Rilee C
Love mother earth massage Knows the women body well and how to make it all feel better !
Lindsey J
Feedback I felt very good after my massage! My neck is relaxed and I my headaches went away. I am recommending you to all my friends!
Paula C
Thank you Laura I have gone to Laura for stress relief/therapeutic massage for the the last year, it certainly one appointment I look forward to every time! She has worked with me and explained how the muscles work together. She also has ideas and stretches to help me between appointments. I value the service she has provided to me and my family. Paula C.
Haley T
I had an amazing massage! Can't wait to go back!
Marcia T
Massage I thought the service was excellent. I appreciate the time spent working on the bad spots and all the education.
Krystal H
Just what I needed! Cant wait to come back! Very informative and relaxing at the same time. Just what my body and belly needed.
Don W
good Most excellent massage
Sunshine N
Amazing prenatal masseuse I LOVE the close attention that Laura pays to me and my baby. I always walk away feeling relaxed, pampered and empowered.
Lisa K
Great prenatal massage I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and all of the helpful information Laura provided during my session. Wonderful experience! I look forward to my next prenatal massage with her.
Mary A
Wonderful, relaxing massage! What a wonderful and relaxing experience. Laura worked on the areas of my body that were tense and tight until they let go and massaged the rest of my body into complete relaxation. A great experience I will highly recommend her to family and friends.
Prenatal I love coming in. I wish I could afford the 6 pack up front. It is a wonderful escape.
Personalized Service From the very moment I walked in the door, I felt I'd have a different experience than I expected. Laura was incredibly welcoming and offered advice that was personalized to my lifestyle and needs, and seemingly went above and beyond in connecting with me as a person. The massage itself was relaxing and, again, personalized to my needs. I found the most peaceful aspect of the experience was leaving with a relaxed mind, equipped with some tools and techniques I could do from home to ease the stress manifested in my body. I sincerely appreciate Laura's experience and kindness and look forward to scheduling with her again!
Donnette R
Massage Laura is great ! Gets full body love it! Want to try a deeper one sometime!
Emily S
Arivigo Treatment After receiving a session of the Arivigo treatment from Laura, followed by home care and a follow-up, I had what can only be called an "easy peasy period." None of the cramping and constipation and unease I was used to. The technique makes so much simple sense once explained, I am not terribly surprised that the results are so immediate and noticeable. So glad to have received the Arivigo treatment from Laura!
Kyle b
knowledgeable She is very good at what she does. She is very informative and knows every muscle in the body. Laura has helped me immensely.
Erin R
Amazing! I have nothing bad to say about the massage and care I received. Very knowledgeable and caring. I will definitely be going back!!
Knowledgeable Laura was very knowledgeable in anatomy. She was able to tell which muscles were tight and why and ways to stretch those muscles between visits. The massage was also very relaxing.
Roger P
Enjoyable Most helpful massage I have ever had.